State Conference Guide – BPA


Attendance Eligibility
All Business Professionals of America members (State and National dues paid) are eligible to attend the State Leadership Conference.  Each student attending shall be an active member of Business Professionals of America, have approval of school administration, chapter advisor, and a parent or guardian unless the student is of legal age

Delegate Conduct and Medical Information
All students attending the SLC must complete a Delegate Conduct and Medical Form.

Adult Code of Conduct
All advisors or adult chaperones are required to read and sign the Adult Code of Conduct Form. Please turn in a copy at Headquarters during the state conference.

Activities Verification Form – NMAA
Each school must complete an Activities Verification of Eligibility Form prior to the state conference. This form, attached to a roster of participating students, should be signed by a school administrator and submitted to the NMAA (505-923-3114 FAX) prior to state competition.

Awards and Recognition
For the Middle Level and Secondary Divisions, winners shall be recognized at the State Leadership Conference based on the minimum competency requirements set by the NM Board of Directors.(State Conference Policy) For judged events, all finalists shall be recognized at SLC. For open events, the top ten (10) scores will be recognized.

Chapter Flag
Don’t forget your chapter or school flag for the Opening Session of the BPA State Leadership Conference! If you do not have one, this would be a great project for your Chapter Officer Team. As schools are announced at the Opening Session, a representative from your school will be able to go across the stage with your chapter or school flag. Don’t be left out!

Torch Awards
To receive the Statesman Award at the State Leadership Conference, you must complete the online resume by February 1. and click the Torch Award link.

Wanda Harriman Scholarship
Submit an online application for Wanda Harriman Scholarship. Send supporting documents to: NM BPA, 1500 S Ave K; ENMU Station 61, Portales, NM, 88130. Application deadline is February 1. Application can be found online at

State and National Officer Candidates
Any member planning to run for state or national office needs to complete the application and all necessary forms by deadline posted on the state Calendar. Visit BPA State Officer for more information

All chapter advisors will be required to be an Administrator, Proctor or Grader for both days of the conference.  Please click the appropriate box on the online registration and notification on your time and place to report will be sent at a later date. In addition, advisors will have the opportunity to receive professional development through networking, workshops, and observing competitive event processes.  Thank you for your help.

Bus Service

Your chapter and career technical education in general can use good publicity. Use participation in the State Conference to generate some positive publicity. Who’s going? Where? When? Why?  Chapter advisors figure prominently in the publicity of the conference. We look to you to provide advanced stories to your local newspapers and pictures or slides to local television stations. Alert the contact persons that you will phone information back from the conference about your students.

An Insurance policy is carried which covers each person registered for the conference. If you have an illness or injury—contact the BPA Staff before you leave the conference.

Name Badges
Name badges should be worn at all times during the conference by contestants, advisors and chaperones.  Please adhere to this policy for security reasons.  It is permissible for contestants to introduce themselves to the judges.

Dress Code
Please adhere to conference BPA dress code.

Each local advisor is responsible for completing the online registration and submitting it with the necessary fees to the address indicated on the invoice.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF THE INVOICE.  January 17 is the registration deadline. Questions regarding registration can be directed to

Registration Fees – The registration fees include the competitive events, workshops, facility rental, audiovisual, conference materials, printing, bus transportation, awards, and other needs related to the conference.

  • S – Student Participant.  $65.00.  This is for all students participating in an event or attending the conference.
  • ES – Enhanced Student Participant. $80.00. This is the same as the student rate and includes the Special Event Ticket.
  • A – Adviser.  $50.00 this is for all chapter advisers.  This will include a Main Event Ticket if your chapter is attending.
  • CG – Chaperone/Guest. $10.00. This includes a t-shirt.
  • SO – State Officers.  Free.  This is for current state officers only. All state officers will receive a Special Event Ticket with their registration.
  • STF-Conference Staff. – this is for state staff only.

There will be a late fee of $10 per person for any late/or on-site registration. NO REFUNDS after January 17 deadline.  As per the NM Board Finance Policy, cancellations made in writing by close of registration 100% refund.  Cancellations after this time (through completion of registration) will be Non-refundable.

Special Event
NM BPA fun night at Main Event located at 4040 Pan American Fwy, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Join us for 4 hours of BPA fun and networking with friends. Tuesday, February 18, (6:00-10:00pm)

Bowling, Gravity Ropes, Laser Tag, Billiard’s, Shuffle Board, and a 1 hour Arcade Fun card. Tickets will be $15.00 each.

Option 1 – Event Ticket price included with your registration.

  • Select the Enhanced Student Registration under Participant Type

Option 2 – Purchase event tickets separately.

  • To add this to your registration, add the quantity of tickets needed for Main Event as an Item under the student’s name OR you can all the tickets under the advisor name.

The conference hotel for the NM BPA State Leadership Conference is the Marriott Pyramid, 5151 San Francisco Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM.  You will need to complete the online housing located in your online registration. Once submitted the form will automatically be emailed to the hotel. Housing registrations are due by January 17. 

The hotel will accept purchase orders.  A copy of your Purchase Order MUST be sent to the hotel once you submit your registration.  Please email a copy to Rachel in order to hold your room reservation. Contact Daniel Kerr at if you need an estimate sent to you prior to the conference in order to get a PO in place.  A final invoice will not be printed until the time of check out.  ALL rooms will have the following rate:

$96.00 + 13.875% tax = $109.32 per room
***Taxes subject to change! Please check with the hotel prior to sending payment.

ALL conference participants are required to stay at the conference hotel.  There will be a $100.00 charge to any school not staying at the conference hotel.  This will show on your invoice once you have completed your online registration for our students.


Number of Contests

Middle Level students may participate in a total of two (2) events, only one of which may be a team event.  Additionally, a student may compete in an unlimited number of Open Events or Virtual Events within the time constraints of the conference program.

Secondary students may participate in a total of two (2) events, only one of which may be a team event.  Additionally, a student may compete in an unlimited number of Open Events or Virtual Events within the time constraints of the conference program. All entries will be verified with the lists of winners submitted by the regional advisors.  Should you have a regional winner who cannot attend State, or if a contestant cancels after registering, please contact the BPA State Office as soon as possible.  UPON NOTIFICATION, ALL CHANGES ARE FINAL.

Team Events/Chapter Events
Team events are registered under the chapter name.  In addition, each team members and the person (s) responsible for chapter entries must be indicated in event registration. (Remember that each student member is limited to only one team event.)

Event Registration Changes
All competitive events changes must be emailed to Robin Slutz at no later than February 1. No substitutions will be made after this date.

Event Rescheduling
If a student has a time conflict for an event, contact the state office prior to the state conference.

Contests to be completed at home schools
The following contests will be completed at the home schools: (335) C++ Programming, (340) Java Programming, (330) Visual Basic Programming, (415) Digital Publishing

SLC will use the same software as posted in the WSAP.

The WASP Guidelines contain general information for all events as well as specific details regarding eligibility, equipment use, scoring, etc. The information in the WASP Guidelines are essential for members attending the State Leadership Conference. Please check the National BPA site at for the most current copy and updates.

Event Length
The length of events varies. Times are listed on the “Events At-A-Glance” chart as well as within the guidelines for each event.

Use of Materials
Contestants may not share equipment, individual supplies and/or materials, including printers, once an event begins.

Reference Materials
Some events allow reference materials. Check the guidelines for each contest for further information. Published/Unpublished non-electronic reference materials may be brought on a “read-only” CD-ROM and/or hard copy for events that allows resources. CD-ROM should only be used for computerized events, as no additional computer access will be provided for use of reference materials. Reference materials may not be used for any Open Event.

Contestant Provided Equipment
Some events permit contestants to bring their own equipment for presentation or preparation of competition.  In these cases, contestants are permitted to bring their own laptops, printers, projectors, or iPads (or similar tablet devices).  Computers or tablets may be used in place of projectors.  Contestants are totally responsible for the set-up, operation, and technical support of their equipment. No projection equipment or computers will be provided at the Marriott Pyramid.  Schools/students MUST provide their own equipment and extension cords.  Projection screens/electrical outlets will be provided.

Style & Reference Manual
A standard style for documents is located in the Style & Reference Manual. All events will be authored and scored using the styles given. Failure to follow the Style & Reference Manual format for any job will result in a score of zero for that job.

Release Forms
When Release Forms are required, any student included in the project must submit a Release Form; this includes individuals and all team members.  Release Forms may be hand written.  Illegible forms will not be accepted.

Use of Previous or Sample Tests
No previous Business Professionals of America tests and/or sample tests or facsimiles thereof (handwritten, photocopied, or keyed) may be taken into the testing area. Contestants who violate this rule will be disqualified.

Admission to Event Testing Sites
Only the registered contestant will be allowed into the event site. Only advisors serving as administrators,proctors, or other authorized personnel will be admitted into the event room. Contestants may be disqualified if their advisor is in the event room and the advisor is not an administrator, proctor, or authorized competitive events personnel.

Use of Cellular Phones
The use of cellular phones and/or smart devices, including digital watches, that can be used to record, transmit, receive, or play back audio, photographic, text, or video content in testing, preparation and presentation rooms is strictly prohibited.  IN the event that a contestant/team is utilizing a cellular phone as a mobile hotspot, the phone may be visible throughout the presentation and used to provide Internet, however, the phone’s sole purpose can only be for Internet access or for displaying the contestant’s work, no other use will be allowed.

All printing in the computer lab must be in black/white or gray scale with the exception of Fundamental Desktop Publishing and Digital Publishing.  For Fundamental Desktop Publishing and Digital Publishing, contestants will be permitted to bring Mac computers and equipment (see Guidelines for details).  Those contestants bringing Macs may print in color.

Reproduction Equipment
No reproduction equipment (video cameras, digital cameras, tape or digital recorders, etc) will be allowed in the contest room and/or viewing area unless authorized by the state advisor.