State Officers

Gabriela Contreras
Post-Secondary President

Aaron John
Post-Secondary Vice-President

Lorena Giesbrecht
Post-Secondary Secretary

Jazmin Trevino
Post-Secondary Reporter

Shawn Roberts
High School President

Mylene Gonzalez
High School Vice-President

Jessica Portillo
High School Secretary

Erick Acosta
High School Reporter

Adrian Melon
High School Parliamentarian

Monica Mercado 
High School Treasurer

Myka Trevizo 
High School Historian

Officer Candidate Information

Students running for STATE OR NATIONAL office must read the NM State Officer Candidate Handbook and COMPLETE the signature pages within the handbook as well as the CTSO Officer Application and Medical/Conduct Form below.

State Officer Handbook
With national candidate addendum

CTSO Officer Application

Medical/Conduct form